We Started Work on the House

We started to look at this place some time ago, about three months. Of course it is not always a simple thing to buy a house and this one was pretty complicated. When I saw the place the first thing I realized was that you needed to find a tree service in Nassau county, because there was a dead tree directly above the driveway and the garage. It was pretty obvious that it could fall down at any point when the wind picked up. It certainly looked as though it might fall directly where you would park your car and incidentally where you would when you were going to and from the car. So the next time I went by it did not surprise me that that the tree had fallen right there. It had clipped the corner of the garage and did a little bit of damage. The owner never really fixed that, but it did seem to push him towards my price.

Obviously I was considering how much money I would need to put in the place to make it right, while the other guy was thinking about how much he could get out of the place. If he had been able to convince someone else to pay I am sure I would still be looking for a place, but instead I am living in one room of the place while I work on the rest. The place will be perfect for Eve when she moves in. Her job is close enough that you could walk there if you really wanted to do that. It would take around twenty minutes to get there and you would have to cross a number of busy streets, so I would not really want to do it myself. However if you wanted some exercise it would be easy to do.

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