We Just Arrived in Cincinnati

I have been working on the move for a couple of months now, luckily the company gave me as much time as I needed and we were able to wait until the end of the school year. Right now we are looking for the local gas companies in Ohio. We brought all of our appliances with us and we were using gas for the range, the dryer and the dishwasher all use natural gas. That has been a really good deal for us, since obviously the price of gas has been really low for a long time and it is a lot less expensive to use it than it is to use electric appliances. You really have to love it if you like to save money. Of course the big thing in our old house was that the gas heating system was a bit too effective. It would be on and off and immediately heating the place up like a furnace.

We found a really nice place, it is not that far from the bridge where you cross over to Covington, KY. It is a really big deal that we found the location we needed for us, especially for Jean. She has a teaching job at a high school in the same neighborhood that we live in. She can almost walk there from our house and that is great for her. I am able to get to the office in a rather short time and that is great for me as well. I was spending twice as long on my morning commute when we were living in Philadelphia, so that is great for me. Of course they do not have any real public transport in this part of the world. It is a lot different when you are in an East Coast city.

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