Protecting Our Identities in This Technological Age

When my sister became a victim of identity theft, it really hit too close for home for a lot of us in the family. We had heard of things like this happening, but we thought we were immune to it. This was mainly because while none of us were hurting for money, we still were not wealthy. We thought only the rich got hit by theft this way. Within days, I did a search for identity protection after one of the officers told her that she needs to get protection so this does not happen again.

While it was easy enough to catch the person who stole her identity, we now knew that it was possible to happen to any of us. We also knew that she was extremely lucky that the suspects were caught in her case because of a stupid mistake they made, because most identity thieves cover their tracks quite well since the victims usually have left the doors wide open for them in the first place.

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