Just Got Back from a Big Birthday Party

I just got back from a really incredible birthday party. I had never seen anything like it to be honest. I have a close business associate who is originally from Bangalore India and he has made a good bit of money here in the UK over about a quarter of a century. His little girl just turned 16 and he really went over the top with her birthday party. He hired about a dozen dancers from this place which provides corporate entertainment for parties. Of course there are a good number of South Asians in the London area, so this is probably not a bad business idea. The party took place in the ball room of a really nice hotel, it was in Kensington not too far from Hyde Park and the Palace. I have priced out these sorts of places for business conferences and I know that he spent a small fortune just to rent out the venue.

Of course most of the food was a bit too spicy for my taste. They were not serving the toned down Indian food that you buy in the take out places, this was the authentic stuff. He hired a chef to cater it. He did not tell him to take it easy on the chili peppers, they were every place in this food along with all sorts of other spices. I did meet a very nice girl, although I am not sure that she will remember me tomorrow. Obviously there was plenty of alcohol and this lady did not seem to have a very high tolerance for the stuff. She was sober when I started to talk to her and then just a little bit later she was very nearly out of it. She did not have time to drink much, I suspect she drank something far stronger than she expected.

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