I Thought the Garage Door Was Going to Fall on the Car!

I thought the garage door was going to come down on top of the car. I got in the car in the garage like I do every morning when I leave for work. I pressed the button on the remote to open the door and the door went up okay for the most part. At the end of its travel I heard a crash. It slipped out of its track on one side for two or three panels. I called a place that does garage door repair service in Joliet, but I could not just leave it like this and go to work. I was afraid it would fall on someone’s head.

I pulled the car out and propped up the door with some lumber I had stored in the garage. I opened my step ladder and put a sign on it to warn the neighbors if they wandered by while I was at work. My wife was at work and the kids were already at school. I texted them to tell them what was up and to stay out of the garage when they got home. We live in a decent neighborhood, so I was not too concerned about any stuff coming up missing. You never know when there might be traveling thieves wandering through your neighborhood.

I was still at work when the kids got home from school. My wife was not yet home either. The oldest one called and told me the garage door was closed. He said he could see a note on the workbench in the garage through the window. I told him to go check it out. The place that does garage door repair service in Joliet had fixed the door and locked everything up. The note said the repairman decided not to call me because he knew I was at work. I was very happy with the service. They fixed it just fine, and had the mindset to lock up the garage when they left. No more problems with the door, and there is a happy customer who will keep that number if I ever need them again.

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