I Keep Waking Up Stiff

It was not that big of a deal at first, but I knew that it must have been a side effect from getting rear ended at the traffic light a couple of weeks ago. Of course when they hit me I was shook up and the air bag really knocked me a bit silly, I was probably a bit too close to the steering wheel. At any rate I was really sore and I was not sure that I was okay, but the doctors found nothing wrong. They gave me the number of a San Jose car accident chiropractor at the hospital, I guess the doctor could tell that I was shook up a little. At any rate a few nights after that I woke up really stiff. I mean that I was not able to get up and get out of bed for like ten minutes. I was really doing the Tin Man, trying to get loosened up and get myself out of the bed.

Once I get up and move around for half an hour or so the stiffness slowly starts to go away, but of course that makes it really hard to do your usual routine. I like to get out of bed half an hour before I am supposed to walk in the door at work, which does not leave any time for trying to get the kinks out of your get along. It just is not any fun at all to try to squeeze into a car when your body is not working the way it is supposed. So I called up the chiropractor and managed to get him to see me after I get off of work today. I am hoping that he can fix what is wrong with me and not make things any worse too.

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