Finding Ways to Save Extra Money for Retirement

top picks home depot canada home depot usa icons homeInvesting is a key if you want to have a comfortable retirement. Many people, including myself, don’t feel like they have enough money left over after paying bills to put towards a retirement account. In order to free up some extra money, I’ve started looking for extra ways to save on my regular spending. For example, if I’m planning a trip to the home improvement store, I’ll go online and search for home depot coupons before I leave the house. Sometimes you’ll find coupons for specific products that you planned on purchasing anyway. Other times they’ll have coupons for $5 off a $50 purchase. You never really know what will be available on any given day, so it pays to check the website before you go.

The money you saved on your shopping trip can be put aside until you accumulate a set amount. I personally wait until I have $100 in savings.

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