Monthly Archives: September 2016

I Am Getting Free Electricty at Nights

I decided to look at the different TXU electric plans because I wanted to get the best value for my money. I was not sure which plans they had since it seems that all energy companies have different plans to attract customers, so I decided to go to a website that had a lot of information about the different plans. I was really interested in one that made all nights free. This simply meant that I would be able to use my electricity for a block of nine hours without paying for it.

Since I am a night owl, this was really appealing to me. Continue reading

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We Just Arrived in Cincinnati

I have been working on the move for a couple of months now, luckily the company gave me as much time as I needed and we were able to wait until the end of the school year. Right now we are looking for the local gas companies in Ohio. We brought all of our appliances with us and we were using gas for the range, the dryer and the dishwasher all use natural gas. That has been a really good deal for us, since obviously the price of gas has been really low for a long time and it is a lot less expensive to use it than it is to use electric appliances. Continue reading

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